Video in print

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A person retains 20 % of what she hears, 30 % of whatshe sees

and 70 % of what she sees and hears


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What is l'imprimé vidéo®”
Its simply video in print designed exclusively by Cocktail d'impressions
The combination of print with LCD screens technology and audio.
l'imprimé video®” is an Innovative way to market or promote your products and services.
Video in print is an incredible sales booster bringing new customer with no need of network connection.
L'imprimé video® really goes further combining technology on paper to meet people needs for more surprise.
Its a unique way to target your prospect and video will automatically get their attention on your product advantages.
We can help you to Create your own video brochure with different chapter  in order  to highlight your features.
On top of that, your video brochure can be used as a usb stick for additional informations (PDF, photos, slideshow...)
Video in print  increase awareness among your customers and helps you beat the competition
Customed with you own graphic design l'imprimé video®” will improve your image and your notoriety
Video brochure
Video folder
Video packaging
Video business card
Video Press book
Custom designed shape
Counter plv
Video shelf display
Video book
Video greeting card
Embedded video in products
• LCD screens:
- 2,4' 4/3 (6 cm diagonal)
- 4,3'en 16/9 (11cm diagonal)
- 5'(12.70 cm diagonal)
- 7'(17.78 cm diagonal)
-10'(25.4 cm diagonal)
Automatic magnetic activation
Chapter buttons
Customed switch, up to 20
Memory 128 Mo to 4 Go
Speaker 2 watts
Lithium re-chargeable battery 1 to 6 hours by USB port
Micro-USB connector and cable for recharging and transferring new video files
Video/audio: AVI - MPEG4 - MP3
Uploading of your movie and extra files
Compliant CE & RoHS
Touch screen
Custom packing
Video shooting
Video editing
Video dubbing
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